About Us

The host

Serendipity in Serendib

(Serendib is one of the old names for Sri Lanka - originally from Arabic)

I came first to Sri Lanka in 1999, invited by a Sri Lankan who some years before had befriended and rescued me in a sandstorm, on the site of the then new Riyadh airport, which was being constructed in Saudi Arabia. On a year’s assignment to organise a conference in Saudi Arabia, I had been invited to a grand dinner given by the catering manager of the American construction company Bectel, in his huge trailer home parked on the site, in what was then the middle of the desert. My new friend managed to guide me to my destination, and he waited to guide me back home again afterwards. Naturally, after such kindness, which I was to learn was typical of Sri Lankans, we became firm friends.

At the end of my assignment he invited me to visit him in his home in Sri Lanka. That was serendipity in its birthplace of Serendib, and it was the beginning of my love affair with Sri Lanka and her people. In my second week here I knew that I would like to return often to this Pearl of the Indian Ocean, and I looked for a holiday home of my own, which I could share with family and friends. Fortune smiled upon me, and I found a small, village-style house, which was just being finished by a local builder. It was small, and simple, not designed for foreigners, but I loved it immediately.

In the following years I came twice a year on holiday, and over the years I improved, enlarged and extended the house, building new bedrooms with attached private shower rooms and toilets for my friends and family to come for holidays. Two years ago I retired and came to live in Sri Lanka, and now in 2015 I have great pleasure in opening the house to homestay travellers. I hope that you will enjoy and appreciate my home as much as I do. We will do our best to make you feel welcome and comfortable during your stay.

The Houseman

Typical dinner

Houseman / cook / tuktuk driver, Chaminda will be helping me to make you welcome and comfortable during your stay. He will be happy to prepare to order meals of delicious rice and curries, prepared in the traditional clay cooking pots for that authentic Sri Lankan flavour.

Typical dinner

A typical meal of brown rice with Paraw Fish, Watakolu in coconut milk, Brinjal with curry leaves, and Snake Gourd salad with grated coconut.